Lizzy Verdugo, a freshman at Canton High School, (and former East Middle School Rocket), suffered from many symptoms for years-- occasional headaches, frequent illnesses, excessive thirst, increased vulnerability to breaking bones coupled with a decreased ability to self-heal, and she stopped growing.  After multiple reassurances from doctors that Lizzy was merely lacking in nutrition and believing her to be a “late-bloomer,” one doctor finally realized something wasn’t right, and referred her to a specialist. Within weeks (in summer of 2016), the specialist discovered that Lizzy had a brain tumor that was compressing her pituitary gland, which stunted her growth, caused hydrocephalus, and led her to develop Diabetes Insipidus. After brain surgery, 4 rounds of chemotherapy, and 20 radiation treatments, 99% of the tumor has been cleared.  If her after-treatment MRI’s in March show no growth in the remaining fluid sac, she will begin Growth Hormone Therapy.  Lizzy’s sister, Izzy, attends P-CEP and her sister, Jordan, attends West Middle School.