The SJ5K Foundation

The SJ5K Foundation was founded to serve the SJ5K Club at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. The SJ5K Foundation is a volunteer board whose mission is to promote youth leadership and to aid families in crisis through the efforts of the SJ5K race each year.

The organization was founded in 2019 and is a registered nonprofit corporation with the State of Michigan. The organization is currently in the process of filing for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you have any questions or interest in getting involved with the SJ5K Foundation, please contact us at

The SJ5K Foundation Board

beth savalox.png

Beth Savalox

Hi! I’m an educator and community organizer who believes that life is about friends and snacks, and that mobilizing a community is beautiful magic best done by teens.  Join us in our quest to help our community.


Chase Zebari.png

Chase Zebari

My name is Chase Zebari and I graduated from Plymouth High School in 2011. I have since become a Pediatric Emergency Nurse at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. I enjoy charitable work and spending my time helping people in need, whether it is at work or volunteering. I am a fitness enthusiast and love events fixated on wellness. The SJ5K is near and dear to my heart because my best friend Tommy Halewicz created this event our senior year of high school, and I saw the impact it had on the Lindlbauer family and the community for the following eight years. Here we are in year nine, and I am ready to be of service. I am Co-Chair of the Sponsorship Committee and I look forward to running with you all!


jen deprez.jpg

Jen Deprez

My name is Jennifer Deprez and I am the Secretary of the SJ5K Foundation. The SJ5K has been something I've been involved in since the first race 9 years ago when the community came together to support Jesse Lindlbauer. One of my favorite parts of the SJ5K is seeing the pre-race ceremony each year. All the participants, families, volunteers, and organizers of the event are in one place, sharing the stories and feeling the love from the community; there's nothing like it!


Madeline Viergutz.png

Madeline Viergutz

My name is Madeline Viergutz and I am working with the SJ5K board as part of the family outreach team. I was the student coordinator for the 2013 race, and after being away to earn my bachelor’s and master’s in social work I am excited to be rejoining the SJ5K team as an adult.



Jeremy Lindlbauer

Hi all, I’m the older brother of Jesse Lindlbauer (Super Jess). I graduated from Canton High School in 2009 and now live with my wife, Lindsey, a Plymouth High School grad, and two boys in the Plymouth/Canton area. I’m on both the Sponsorship and Technology committees.


Abbey Jansen.png

Abbey Jansen

Hi y’all! My name is Abbey Jansen, and I manage website updates for the SJ5K with the help of others in the technology committee. I’m a 2017 Canton High School graduate, and I am currently studying chemical engineering at Arizona State University. Since coordinating the seventh annual race in 2017, I’ve stayed involved as much as possible, helping out as able when I’m in town and coaching the student team when they have questions, and I’m thrilled to now be in a more official, distance-compatible role. To me, being part of the SJ5K is my way of giving back to a community that raised me up.


Lori Langenderfer.png

Lori Langenderfer

Hi!  I'm Lori Langenderfer.  I have participated in the SJ5K since 2012, and for the past few years I have helped with the middle school campaign.  This year, I have joined the adult board as the Family Outreach Committee Chair. To me, nothing says hope and inspiration more than the SJ5K!


Dan McEvilly.png

Dan McEvilly

I am the Vice Chair of the SJ5K Foundation and work with the SJ5K team to help make the annual event a success with a focus on the logistics around the run. I have been involved since the creation of the SJ5K and have enjoyed watching it grow from an idea into an annual event and mainstay in the Plymouth - Canton area.  I love how student leaders come together each year and bring the community together to support the families and great causes. Watching the mass of people cross the finish line in the stadium each year is a reminder of the strength and the power of our community. I am in it for the community!!


Pam Davis.png

Pam Davis

I've worked with the SJ5K adult leadership team since the first race in 2011 managing registration and finances.  I am so proud to be a part of this organization. I love the way we grow student leaders and show them what a difference they can make in the world, and the way the community rallies around our families to make their dark days a little brighter.


Denise Zander.png

Denise Zander

I am blessed to be part of the SJ5K Adult Board. It is a group of some of the most dedicated and passionate individuals. The SJ5K annual event brings out the best in our community and I am thankful to be involved. I am in it for the hope, support and community!


Tommy Halewicz.png

Tommy Halewicz

I founded the SJ5K as a Salem High School senior in 2011 and currently lead the SJ5K adult board. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing group of students and community stewards, and I look forward to running with the Plymouth-Canton community again in 2019!


amy  dalton.jpeg

Amy Dalton

My name is Amy Dalton and I am the Director of Communications for the SJ5K! In this role, I keep all communication from the race consistent and effective, making sure every knows all the amazing work that we are doing in our community. I also work with a committee to execute special events to benefit the SJ5K, outside of the actual race. I love the SJ5K because it demonstrates hope, support and community through teamwork and love; what could be better?


sarah halewicz.jpg

Sarah Halewicz

I was a senior at Canton High School in 2011 when my brother, Jesse Lindlbauer (Super Jess) was the recipient of the first SJ5K. My then boyfriend/now husband Tommy Halewicz founded the event that first year and we have participated in the event each year since. Since moving back into the Plymouth-Canton community last summer, I have gotten involved in the adult board. I help coordinate sponsorships, t-shirts, and merchandise.