2018 Student Leadership Team

The SJ5K is lead by an exceptional group of P-CEP students!  Meet the 2018 Student Team.




Katherine Parker:  FAmily Outreach coordinator

I’m this year’s student Family Outreach coordinator! I’m currently a senior at Salem High School. In addition to SJ5k, I work at Joe's Deli. I was also on the Salem Cross Country team for three years until I realized running is awful. I've also been an assistant coach of Special Olympics Track and Field each spring, and it's a blast. I much prefer cheering than running :) I have recently started tutoring Kindergarten and First Grade students at Isbister a few times a week,  just because I love kids. Next year I plan on attending Grand Valley State University, am majoring in Public and Nonprofit Administration, and minoring in human rights and French. I am so glad that I am a part of the SJ5k and have been able to become so close with this year's families, they will always be in my thoughts and prayers. 


emma gilbert: Sponsorship coordinator

My name is Emma Gilbert, and I am Co- Leader of the 2018 SJ5k Sponsorship Team! I have a strong passion for serving people in effort to change their lives in a way they never dreamed possible. Next year, I plan on attending Michigan State University's James Madison College. I was blessed enough to be one of 300 students admitted as a direct admit student, meaning I will not have to apply to my school of discipline before my Junior year. I will be majoring in Comparative Cultures and Politics with the intent to work for a nonprofit organization that works to improve and develop schools in Africa. However, through the twists and turns of life in the next four years, I am excited to see where my passion for helping others on an international level takes me. My original interest for changing lives and improving my community sprouted from the service based clubs I am a member of: NHS, Link Crew, Do Something Club, and Key Club which eventually led me to retire from 14 years of competitive dance and take on my role wit  the SJ5k Leadership Team. This is only the beginning of my drive to change lives. The possibilities are endless!

ARMAAN PATEL:  sponsorship coordinator

My name is Armaan Patel, and I am the Co-Leader of the 2017-2018 SJ5K Sponsorship Team! I am currently a senior at Plymouth high school. I'm part of a few clubs at PCEP, including BPA, HOSA, and NHS. I love to play soccer, and I am presently a member of the Michigan Wolves. I also love to play guitar and spend time with my friends/family. This fall, I will be attending the University of Michigan to study neuroscience and genetic technology. With my SJ5K experience, I aspire to create a global impact, and my journey starts right here in the Plymouth-Canton community.


Arianna Mattioli: Promotions Coordinator

Throughout high school I have been able to be apart of many different clubs and sports that have helped me grow as a person. I was on Canton jv pom for one year and Varsity for 3 years being a captain my senior year. I am also involved in the club stand against cancer where I am the head of communications. Another club I am involved in is link crew at canton, this is my second year and I am apart of the head board! Being apart of my school is something I am very proud of and I can’t wait to make this years SJ5K amazing! Next year I plan on attending either the University of Michigan, or Michigan State University, and as of right now my major is undecided. I’m so excited for this opportunity to help our families and to end my high school career in the best way possible!

kejsi .jpg

Kejsi Dervishi: promotions team member

I am a senior and attend Salem High School. I am double majoring in psychology and finance/investment at Michigan State University. I love helping others, working out and reading. During highschool I have been apart of National Honor Society, LinkCrew, KeyClub, PCEP Pals and Unified Sports and now, SJ5K board! I am part of the promotions team on SJ5K board. I am super excited to be such a big part of SJ5K!!


vivian liu:  family outreach team member

Hi! My name is Vivian Liu, and I’m part of the SJ5K Family Outreach Team this year. I’m honored to be a part of this great organization in assisting families through a difficult time in their lives. Apart from SJ5K, I’m also part of NHS, Link Crew, Key Club, and the PCEP Figure Skating Team. I like to spend my free time hanging out with family and friends, traveling, reading, and watching movies. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve my community and making it a better place.


Chris merkel:  sponsorship team member

Hi! My name is Christopher Merkel and I am a senior at Salem High School. I am very fortunate to be a part of this year's sponsorship team where we will be reaching out to local businesses for financial support of this year's families. Outside of the SJ5K I am a part of our biomedical STEM program, Health Occupations Students of America, and NHS. Next year I will be going to The Ohio State University under a microbiology major while focusing on my pre-medical track. With this major I hope to enter into medical school where I would love to pursue my passion of oncology. In this role I will be in a position to help more families like those nominated for the SJ5K.


anna costley - promotions team member

My name is Anna Costley! I am a senior at Canton High School where I am a part of student council, Varsity Track & Field, and now the promotions team for SJ5K. I love traveling, photography, experiencing new things, and embracing all life has to offer. I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and I have done so throughout my high school career through mission trips abroad and volunteer work. I hope to continue making positive impacts through SJ5K! Next year I plan on attending either Lousiana State University or Central Michigan University. My major is currently undecided. I am super excited to to be a part of the SJ5K this year and am blessed to live in such a positive and uplifting community. 



I’m Andrew Lake and I’m on the Promotions team and making the videos for the 2018 SJ5K! I’m a senior at Canton and besides SJ5K I’m a member of NHS and the club Stand Against Cancer. I’ve been a varsity athlete on Canton Track and Field and Varsity Captain on Cross Country both since freshmen year. In my free time I love to watch movies and hang out with my friends. I love high school but I’m excited for next year, I plan to attend either Michigan State or Michigan and I’ll be studying film, history, or law! I’m so excited to help out my community and be a part of the SJ5K this year!


Rani el-amin - Family outreach team member

Hi my name is Rani El-Amin and I’m a senior at Canton High School. I am very grateful to be apart of the Family Outreach Committee this year for SJ5K! I look forward to help organizing such an amazing event that means so much to so many people.  Along with SJ5K, I’ve been on Canton Pom for 3 years, the Stand Against Cancer Club, and Student Council. Throughout the years, being involved in various leadership opportunities has really made me grow into the person I am today and encouraged me to break out of my shell. Contributing to SJ5K will give me a chance to really get to know the families and make a significant change in their lives because I have a passion for being of help to others. (:

jennifer huang - family outreach team member

Hi I'm Jennifer Huang! I'm a senior at Salem High School. Ever since I ran my first SJ5K in 8th grade, I was fascinated by the aims of the group. I am exhilarated to now be on the Family Outreach team and connecting with the families. Aside from the SJ5K, I am also a part of NHS, IB, and tennis, and am treasurer of Student Congress. Recently, I’ve also been organizing a TEDx sponsored event at my school with student/adult speakers from the PCCS community and I became a Serengetee representative. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, and playing the piano and cello.  


ariana Khan - Promotions team member

Hi! I’m Ariana Khan, a current senior at Salem High School! I’ve learned through the years that, above all else, I love people, and I love being able to demonstrate my appreciation by giving back to my community. I am a part of a few different organizations, such as Link Crew, Student Council, the IB Refugee Project, and Guiding Light, and now I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with the 2018 SJ5K team in making this race as phenomenal as it’s always been!


Alex Schafer - Sponsorship Team Member

My name is Alex Schafer and I am part of the SJ5K Sponsorship team. Currently I am a senior at Plymouth High School and I am a member of many clubs including PCEP Sports Debate, NHS, and Link Crew. I also play soccer and play for the Plymouth Boys Varsity Soccer Team. I have no decided where I will attend school next year, but I am looking to study chemical engineering. I joined the SJ5K team in order to help make a difference in the Plymouth-Canton community. 

Jasmine Brogren - Sponsorship Team Member

 I’m a senior at Salem I do gymnastics, dive, and track. I’m in IB, and a part of the middle eastern student association. I haven’t decided where I’m going next year yet but I will be studying forensic psychology. 


Puja desai - sponsorship team member

Hi, I’m Puja Desai and I’m a senior at Canton High School. I’m glad I got to be on the SJ5K sponsorship team this year. I’m so happy to have an opportunity like this to help out people in my community. I am apart of the National Honor Society (NHS), Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), the Indian American Student Association (IASA), and the PCEP figure skating team. I have done these activities since freshman year. I also played lacrosse my sophomore year. I am currently a certified lifeguard and I plan on working at the summit as one. In the future I want to go to the University of Michigan where in undergraduate studies I want to major in Biochemistry, then go to medical school and work in a hospital to go through residency to become a surgeon. I find the medical field to be very interesting and inspiring and I want to learn and be able to save lives.

Ashu acharya - Sponsorship team member

Hello this is Ashu from the Sj5k sponsorship team. I am a junior at Plymouth high school and I joined Sj5k because I wanted to make a change in the community. Some other clubs I am part of include NHS, Rotary interact, BPA, and HOSA. I enjoy playing sports such as basketball and soccer in my free time. I plan on continuing to help the community next year. 


karly patterson - sponsorship team member

My name is Karly Patterson and I am on the 2018 SJ5K Sponsorship Team! I joined because I felt as a high school senior, I hadn’t given enough to the community that had given so much to me. In the fall, I will be attending Wayne State University as a Med-Direct Scholarship Recipient. I aspire to one day become a clinical pediatrician. I have a part-time job at Kroger as a florist, and participate in other school organizations such as National Honor Society and STEM Council. In my free time, I enjoy running and baking.

khushboo patel - sponsorship team member

Hello! My name is Khushboo Patel and I am a senior at Plymouth High School. I am very fortunate to be apart of the SJ5K Sponsorship Team! Apart from SJ5K, I am involved in my community through various organizations as president of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), executive board member of Link Crew, and communications director of Storybox Books Nonprofit. Additionally, I serve as an active member of IB Student Council, Indian American Student Association, and National Honors Society. Next year, I plan on studying Neuroscience and Global Health at the University of Michigan. Through SJ5K, I am most excited to change lives and make an grand impact on my local community!