2017 Student Leadership Team

The SJ5K is lead by an exceptional group of P-CEP NHS students!  Meet the 2017 Student Team.

If you are interested in joining next year's team: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w6dr9CegZ8U_eKKrHOu2UBWzRJrAWZjDbDOo5uQvlKs



Abbey Jansen

I’m this year’s student coordinator! I’m currently a senior at Canton High School. In addition to SJ5K, I serve as a board member on my class Student Council and the Canton Youth Advisory Council, as well as volunteer as an assistant coach for the East Middle School swim team. Aside from community service, I participate in Math Olympiad, take dance lessons, and was on my school swim team. Over the summer, I spend a lot of time working as a lifeguard at the Ann Arbor Racquet Club. The free time I have left is spent binge watching Gilmore Girls with my mom, getting coffee with my younger brother, debating with my dad, or messing around with my friends. I’m planning on attending university come this fall--still undecided on where--to study chemical engineering, computer science, molecular biology, or some combination of those! I aspire to travel, learn, and change the world (and I really want to become a swing dancing pro).


Anu Tuladhar

I'm a senior at Canton High School--one who's extremely fortunate to be a part of this year's SJ5K team as the Family Outreach Coordinator. I'm that lucky person in direct contact with all the beautiful, lovely, and incredibly strong individuals and families. Hopefully I am able to change their lives as much as they continue to change mine. In my free time, I swim, go teach swim at Goldfish Swim School, read, and go boxing. Currently, my plans for after graduation are not yet set, but I am optimistic about choosing the university that will best help me discover our vast and stunning world, and my place in it.


Kirsti Beaudoin

My name is Kirsti Beaudoin and I am a Canton High School student. I am the leader of the SJ5K Sponsorship team. During my first two years of high school I was living in Mexico City and attending an international school. I currently work at Menchie's on Canton Center. I'm an active member in my church community. An interesting fact about me is my name is Finnish because my mom lived in Finland as an exchange student when she was in high school. In the fall I plan to study Elementary Education at Eastern Michigan University.

Lauren Bowling

I am the lead of the 2017 SJ5K Promotion Team! Currently, I am a senior at Canton High School and plan to attend Purdue University in the fall to study chemical engineering. Apart from the SJ5K, I am also a co-president of P-CEP’s STEM Academy's STEM Council, the treasurer of Canton High School’s Captains Club, and am part of the fabrication subgroup of P-CEP’s Lightning Robotics team. Outside of school, I coach Lil’ Kickers as well as work concessions and birthday parties at High Velocity. Additionally, I played soccer for the Canton Soccer Club and Canton High School along with having traveled all over Europe! Normally, I spend my free time either discovering new music, hanging out with friends, or watering my assortment of succulents. My three favorite bands are Catfish and the Bottlemen, Glass Animals, and Two Door Cinema Club.  Ever since I participated in the first annual SJ5K, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It is an experience that I will never forget; the SJ5K has not only given me a new opportunity to serve my community, but a family I will share a special bond with for the rest of my life.


Elizabeth Fichtner

I am a senior at Salem High School. I grew up in upstate New York and moved to Michigan in the middle of 9th grade. I am in key club, student council, NHS, and I am in church organizations. I love art, reading, and traveling. I am also in HSE where I help students with special needs with art. I love helping others and doing community service. My role in the SJ5K is to communicate with family and be supportive of them and to organize shirts and folders for the race. When I graduate, I hope to go to college and study forensics.

Emily Bozich

Hi! I'm Emily Bozich and I am a senior at Canton High School. I am on the 2017 SJ5K sponsorship team. As a member of this team, I reach out to different businesses and organizations within the community to contribute financially to the race. I feel so lucky and honored to be able to be on this year's SJ5K student team and have the opportunity to give back to my community! Apart from being on this year's student team, I am involved in Canton’s Student Congress and have been a member for the past four years. I also dedicate the majority of my free time at my dance studio, Dancin' Feet, as a competitive dancer and demonstrator. While I am still undecided on where I'll be going to school next fall, I do know that I want to study Molecular Biology and Spanish.

Brielle Catrinar

I am a senior at Plymouth High School. I'm part of the SJ5K Promotion Team, and my main role is making videos about the families and the race itself to spread awareness of all the details of this year's SJ5K. Besides being a part of the SJ5K team, I also spend a lot of my time at my dance studio or at the golf apparel store that I work at. I'm also constantly filming events around PCEP and our community for our community cable show, so you'll most likely see me walking around with a camera at different games or shows. After high school, I plan on going to college and majoring in Film Production, as I want to direct films in the future. Being a part of the SJ5K team is amazingly fun and rewarding, and I'm so happy that I've gotten the chance to combine my passion for filmmaking with the ability to help people in our community.

Rebecca John

I am so fortunate to be a part of the SJ5K student team this year! My responsibilities include maintaining the website and registering runners. Aside from the SJ5K, I enjoy learning how to play my ukulele, traveling with my family, and binge watching Netflix. My talents include singing, dancing, and being able to eat a full rack of ribs. My favorite novel is unquestionably The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. SalingerI am not very fond of cats, but my nickname, Beccu, ironically means "kitty" in many Indian languages. After high school, I intend to attend a university and major in Biomedical Engineering. I hope to study abroad either in Spain or Austria. My "bucket list" includes visiting Switzerland, creating my own signature hamburger, buying a cottage in Alaska, and being part of SJ5K's success! 

Kelsey Postler

Hi! My name is Kelsey Postler and I am one of three people on the SJ5k promotion team. Since the race began back in 2011, I have ran every single year. I absolutely love what we stand for and I am so happy to have decided to help plan the race as my senior year ISP. After high school, I will be attending the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and working towards a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, so that one day I can go into pediatric medicine. I tutor and babysit as jobs, and I am heavily involved with the American Red Cross and my church’s youth group.  In my free time, I love to run on the Canton High School Girl’s Cross Country team, cook, swing dance, read, and go on spontaneous adventures with friends. Two random facts about me are that I come from a family of eight people, and I have a hidden streak of bright red hair near my forehead even though 95% of my hair is brown. Promoting the SJ5k and our families this year has been such an honor and I cannot wait until race day!

Dhaval Gandhi

Hey! My name is Dhaval Gandhi. I am currently a senior at Canton High School. In SJ5K, I play the vital role of course set up. But until race day gets closer, I help family outreach and any other team members that need help in a project. Besides SJ5K, I am in the STEM academy, in an aerospace club at The Park, and have done volunteering work for local campaigns and hospitals. The college I will matriculate is still to be determined, but in college, I plan on studying human biology or enroll into a “pre-medicine” program. With that major, I hope to propel myself to medical school and start a career as a Physician or specialized doctor. Using that role, I promise to make an impact in developing countries or do research for a worthy cause.

Marissa Ernst

I am a senior at Canton High School. I am on the SJ5K sponsorship team. My job includes going to local businesses to ask for donations and setting up fundraisers either by partnering up with local businesses or community organizations. Outside of SJ5K, I participate in dance and cross country. After high school, I plan to go to college and study economics. The SJ5K so far has been a life changing experience, and I can't wait for race day to see everything come together!



My name is Krishangi Kaushik and I’m a part of the family outreach team. I’m a senior at Canton High School and have been involved in the swim team, improv club, and IB related things. Outside of school, I play piano, guitar, and ukulele, sing, and volunteer with Courtyard Manor nursing home and the Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield. I also love spending time with my cultural family, AAMI (Assamese Association of Michigan). A life goal of mine is to be able to help people living in Assam, India like my parents do.

After high school, I intend to attend the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor and major in “Undecided.” I hope to be able to figure out my true profitable passion in these next four years, but for now, I like to immerse myself in projects involving being around and helping people. Some of my favorite things are hugs, talking to people, feeding people, and spending all of my time with people. (Replacing all of the “people”s with “dogs” is also valid ;)

I’m thrilled to be on the SJ5K student leadership team and am extraordinarily grateful to have received the opportunity to work with and help such amazing and deserving families.