2013 SJ5K Families



Jayden Gohl was born with hydrocephalus, a rare medical condition in which fluid builds up in the brain. Jayden has been through 7 brain surgeries and countless doctors appointments. At 4 years old, he is beating his life expectancy by 3 ½ years. Because Jayden needs to be watched 24/7 his mom cannot work a full-time job and faces challenges in providing for him. With the support from the community through the SJ5K, his mom was able to continually provide for her son.


 Erinne Williams was a student at Plymouth High School born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a motor neuron disease similar to ALS. Since her diagnosis Erinne has been through 19 cases of pneumonia, 11 surgeries, and 21 hospitalizations. She is confined to a wheelchair and must use a breathing machine. The SJ5K allowed Erinne to feel the support and love of her community helping her to remain brave and continue the fight for her life.


Max Merget was a Salem High School student who has battled brain cancer since the age of Three. In January 2013, his 10 year cancer free anniversary, Max was diagnosed with brain cancer for the fourth time. Max continued to be optimistic about beating cancer for the fourth time. He created an organization called maxyourbrain.org to help raise money for brain cancer research. The SJ5K supported Max in his fight and helped raise awareness for his own organization.



2013 SJ5k