This is the SJ5K 2015 video of all of the families.


Katie Douglass

Daniel Joulivard


Zach Sheehan

Daisy Watson


Macaylah Whitlock




 In July 2014 Katie Douglass was diagnosed with a tumor on her vertebrae. After a successful surgery to remove the tumor, and her spine being reinforced with titanium rods, she lost a lot of motion and strength in her hands. After four months of chemotherapy, doctors found a tumor on Katie's liver and a spot on her lung. Thankfuly, the spot on her lung went away. As for the tumor on her liver, doctors decided to remove 55% of her liver. Currently, she is on the road to recovery, and is going through radiation for the tissue around her spine.


Daniel was born in Haiti with a rare autoimmune disorder called HLH. Sarah Parker, Daniels guardian, was a student that attended PCCS schools. She met Daniel's parents on a mission trip in Haiti in 2010. Daniel was born February 2012 and was very ill and due to Haiti's limited medical facilities and supplies. Daniels Dad was having to drive to Red Cross every other day which was a 5 hour road trip to get blood for Daniel. Sometimes they didn't even have any available. Sarah previously raised her family of foster & adopted children in the PCCS school district. Daniel moved to the United States to receive treatment at U of M Mott's Childrens Hospital. Daniel was critically ill and was only able to have an opportunity at survival once he got here. Once here Daniel was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder HLH. Upon diagnosis, Daniel was discharged on hospice care and given 48 hours to live. Daniel surpassed all expectations, and is now three years old. Daniel became stable enough this past year to become eligible for a bone marrow transplant in which he underwent this February. Daniel continues to struggle with some ongoing complications of Graft Vs Host disease which has kept him in the hospital for 2 months. Daniel continues to show that he is a fighter and continues to amaze the doctors at his fight and love to make everyone smile. 


Zach Sheehan is a freshman at Plymouth High School. Zach was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is a form of MD that causes muscles to degenerate over time, taking his ability to walk and move as he pleases. Zach is wheelchair bound and still eager to participate in all aspects of life.  He's a regular kid trapped in a body that doesn’t work.




Daisy Watson, who is eight months old, was born with APERT syndrome. APERT syndrom is a rare disorder that only one in every 120,000 people are born with. This disorder causes the sutures of the skull to prematurely fuse together at birth. In addition, her hands and feet are fused together. By the time she is an adult, Daisy will have gone through many skull, hand, and feet surgeries. Within her first year of life, she will have undergone at least five surgeries: two cranial surgeries and three to separate her fingers and toes. Daisy is a strong baby who is facing many challenges. 



 Macaylah Whitlock was born deaf, with Down Syndrome, a heart defect, and Leukemia. Macaylah is 8 now and has battled cancer her whole life, but her cancer is now in remission! She is currently under medical care reguarding her deafness and has four surgeries planned in the immediate future with ear, nose, and throat specialists. Macaylah is a strong girl who is facing many challenges.




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